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Holocaust is the term used to describe genocide (in a planned extermination) of minority groups in Europe and North Africa during World War II by the Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Jews were believed to have been the victims of the Holocaust most of this. The number of Jewish victims are generally said to have reached six million people. This genocide was conducted, among others, with the shots, torture and poison gas, in the Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. In addition to Jews, other groups who considered the Nazis “unpopular” among others, is the nation of Poland, Russia, the tribes other Slavic, papist Rome, people with disabilities, the mentally disabled, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses (Jehovah’s Witnesses), the communists, the tribe of Gypsies (Sinti and Roma people) and political opponents. They also arrested and murdered. If the share count of these groups and the Jews also, the number of Holocaust victims could reach 9-11 million people.
Understanding racial discrimination have been brought Hitler put other races under the Aryan race. Groups of nations that are considered below as the Jewish race, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Africa and Asia are labeled as class untermensch (human inferior) and became the main target of an act of “cleaning” of the Nazis.

Holocaust denial is the belief that the Holocaust never happened, or far fewer than six million Jews killed by Nazis. that there never was a centralized plan to exterminate the Jews. or that there is no mass killings in concentration camps. Those who believe this usually accuse the Jews or the Zionists know this and entered into a conspiracy to support their political agenda. Because Holocaust historians regarded as one of the most documented event in history, these views are not considered credible, with organizations like the American Historical Association, said that Holocaust denial as “at best, a form of academic fraud.” Statement of Holocaust denial in public is illegal in ten European countries, including France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania and Germany.

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